Stone Therapies


Crystal Therapy (Add-On) $15.00

The placing of crystals on the body to balance and enhancement specific chakras. (Applicable to any service)

Hot Stone $135.00 – 60 mins.
$160.00 -  90 mins.

Oil is applied to the body to protect the surface layers of the skin. Then heated smooth basalt stones are applied to aid in relaxation and improve circulation.


Cold Stone $135.00 – 60 mins.
$160.00 -  90 mins.

Cold granite and marine stones are applied to reduce inflammation, increase metabolism, calm irritated skin, and can be effective for migraine relief.


Combined Hot and Cold Stone$135.00 – 60 mins.
$160.00 -  90 mins.

The ultimate experience of expansion and contraction of the body’s channels, encouraging improved functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic and immune systems.


Prices and services are subject to change.