Aromatherapy (Add-On) $8.00
To enhance mood or aid in doshic balancing; essential oils may be added to any service. Performed same as fusion massage or can be added to any massage modality. (Some oils may have slightly higher costs, but this is rare) (Applicable to any service)


Deep Tissue or Sports Massage $105.00 – 60 mins.
$140.00 – 90 mins.

An individualized massage focusing on the relief of chronic pain, stress and restricted motion due to poor posture, injuries, repetitive activities, and physical training. This form of massage is targeted into the deeper layers of tissue that become restricted and hold toxins. Please be reminded to communicate with your therapists when you have reached your comfort threshold. Soreness is common 1-3 days after treatment due to the level of toxins being released. Therefore drink plenty of water for flushing 1-2 days following massage.


Foot and/or Hand Massage $50.00 – 30 mins.
For relieve of tension, fatigue or simple relaxation. Can be reflexology based.

Fusion Massage$95.00 – 60 mins.
$130.00 – 90 mins.

An individualized massage with a fusion of traditional Swedish strokes, stretching, gentle stripping, localized rocking, circular/cross-fiber friction and ROM (range of motion) techniques. Pressure is light to light deep pressure depending on the client's needs, preferences and tolerance levels.

Head and Scalp Massage $50.00 – 30 mins.

A massage focused on the scalp, face and neck regions. Available with specialized Ayurvedic oil for hair growth is stimulation and hair health.


Holistic Health Massage $55.00 – 30 mins.
$100.00 – 60 mins.

Holistic Health Massage is the modification of massage therapy techniques in order to safely work with the complications of chronic illness. This modality benefits the client by providing adaptations in pressure, positioning and direction of stroke to bring comfort and support to the body and mind.
Click here for more information on Holistic Health Massage


Hydrotherapy and Medicated Oil Massages $60.00 – 30 mins.
$95.00 – 60 mins.

For chronic conditions including injuries.


Oncology Massage$60.00 – 30 mins.
$105.00 – 60 mins.

This service is the modification of massage therapy techniques in order to safely work with complications of cancer and cancer treatments. The modality benefits those who have a history of cancer, whether they are in treatment, remission, palliative stage, or have completed treatment.
Click here for more information on Oncology Massage

Pediatric/Infant Massage$40.00 – 20 mins.

A specialized fast paced massage for child and infant relaxation, brain and muscle development.  A parent or guardian is encouraged to be present during the massage.

Pregnancy Massage$95.00 – 60 mins.

Mild to moderate pressure massage to reduce the physical and emotional stresses of pregnancy. The benefits of pregnancy massage are profound, providing emotional support, pain relief, improved breathing and relaxation. This massage is performed after the first 12 weeks pregnancy and usually performed in a side lying position.

Zen Shiatsu Massage/Bodywork $95.00 – 60 mins.
$130.00 – 90 mins.

Performed on a padded floor mat, with client’s dressed in light-weight, movable clothing. Stretching, vibration and pressure techniques are applied to points along the organ meridian lines, unblocking the flow of life energy while restoring balance to promote self-healing and pain relief.  Experience a sense of relaxation while stimulating blood and lymphatic flow.


Prices and services are subject to change.