Ayurvedic Massage


Abayanga$110 – 60 mins.

A massage focused on healing and relaxation primarily of long surface stokes and Ayurvedic medicated oils. Medicated oils have been known to be beneficial in pain relief associated from arthritis and fibromyalgia (physician release requested).


Head and Scalp Massage$50.00 – 30 mins.

A massage focused on the scalp, face and neck regions. Available with specialized Ayurvedic oil for hair growth is stimulation and hair health.

Hydrotherapy and Medicated Oil Massages$60.00 – 30 mins.
$95.00 – 60 mins.

For chronic conditions including injuries.

Pinda Swedena$160 – 60 mins.

An Ayurvedic massage in which Ayurvedic oil is applied to the body followed by vibration therapy with heated poultice herbal packs. This method is used for numerous benefits as well as a detox due to the mild perspiration experienced. Suggest wearing clothing you are not concerned about due to the oily aspects of this treatment.

Steam Therapy$60.00 – 30 mins.
$95.00 – 60 mins.

A massage to address specific physiological conditions included but not limited to injury, arthritis and asthma. Medicated Ayurvedic oils are applied to the areas of specific ailment (or chest in the case of asthma) then steam is utilized to warm and open up the affected channels and speed relief.


Prices and services are subject to change.