The Kapha Dosha

Kapha is made up of two elements: water and earth. Both water and earth are heavy elements so its characteristics are cold, soft, oily (offering lubrication), sweet and stable (providing immunity). Naturally, people with dominant Kapha in their constitution tend to be of larger proportions, with a robust frame and well-formed joints, thick smooth skin that may lean towards oiliness, and thick wavy hair. They are stable and calm in thought, speech, action, and are easy-going and supportive in relationships. There is an element of steadiness in their step and a quality of serenity in their smile. Loyalty is usually their second name. They are long, heavy sleepers and uncomfortable in damp, clammy environments. Calmness, empathy and kindness are hallmarks of a balanced Kapha.

When any of these qualities become too extreme, or more pronounced than usual, the Kapha in you has become aggravated and needs to be brought back to balance. In turn, if Vata or Pitta person starts exhibiting many Kapha qualities, it indicates a Kapha imbalance. In either scenario, a Kapha balancing diet and lifestyle would be suggested to help restore the level of Kapha in the physiology of the individual’s prakruti percentage.

Factors which can elevate the Kapha dosha can include: a diet that contains too many deep-fried foods, sweets, heavy foods, over-consumption of ice-cold foods/beverages, exposure to cold/damp climates, daytime sleep and lack of exercise.